Why Choose Us

We’re not just landscape and pool designers.
We create beautiful environments from idea to execution.

Led by landscape designer and architect Marc Nissim, Harmony Design Group is as committed to crafting impeccable and totally unique designs as we are to managing the installation and construction process.

Our background is organically grounded in modern, yet timeless design. We often use classic materials in fresh ways and always look for opportunities to infuse traditional projects with a more contemporary aesthetic, all while complementing your home’s architecture and your neighborhood environment.

We love taking the stress out of the process for our customers by bringing our years of experience and expertise in all aspects of a project. In fact, it’s Marc, our principal, who will manage the entire process for you from first conversation to final planting.

And because we’re landscape, swimming pool and garden designers first and foremost, every decision we make along the way is in service of helping the custom-crafted design come to life. We don’t allow shortcuts. We hire the best construction teams. And the buck always stops with us.

The result? A wonderful experience, a more creative design, and a lower cost.

Landscape designer Marc Nissim was a delight to work with and created a design that exceeded our expectations. From beginning to end, he was there to answer our questions and coordinate each piece so we didn’t have to. Marc’s team of experts knew exactly what we wanted and the results are spectacular. —Amy Kagan, Homeowner