Luxury Pool Designs

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An in-ground pool is also one of the more complex projects you can take on as a homeowner, which means it’s even more important to choose a firm like Harmony that knows all of the steps it takes to create your dream.

We specialize in designing and crafting completely customized luxury pools that fit into your yard so effortlessly they look as if they had been there all along (not popped in as an afterthought).

We use natural materials like flagstone and travertine to enhance the connection to the environment, and we love incorporating water features—waterfalls, fountains—into our designs. We’re skilled at creating the other elements needed to complete the outdoor living experience: kitchen, fireplace, pergolas.

As pool experts, we stay on top of all of the newest technologies and latest trends. We also are experienced in all of the “hidden” aspects of a successful in-ground pool design: lighting, screening, drainage, grading, acquiring the proper town permits, and more.

And because we also oversee the entire installation process, you can be sure that your project will be crafted by a trusted and experienced team of construction experts.

Our luxury pools can be found throughout New Jersey, including Manesquan, Tenafly, and Summit NJ.